Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

VivaScope 3000

Due to its low weight (only 0.7 kg) and compact design, the latest generation handheld VivaScope 3000 is especially flexible when it comes to challenging imaging locations.

The portable confocal laser-scanning microscope simplifies in vivo examinations of uneven skin areas especially in the face. It delivers stable, undistorted and clear images e.g. of the nose, the ears and other difficult to access regions.

The VivaScope 3000 is highly suitable for investigating large skin areas affected by actinic keratosis or lentigo maligna. Since the examination reveals the tissue in cellular resolution, the spread of lentigo maligna can be determined very precisely. Pre-surgical mapping of lentigo maligna using the VivaScope 3000 not only significantly optimises treatment but also improves patient care management.

The handheld VivaScope 3000 is available as stand-alone device or as add-on to the VivaScope 1500.

Technical Data
Optical resolution
horizontal < 1.25 μm in center of image field, vertical < 5.0 μm in center of image field
Max. imaging depth
Superficial dermis
Viewable section
individual image 750 μm x 750 μm
Max. mapped field
Image resolution
1024 x 1024 pixels (Nyquist-optimized)
Image digitization
8 bits
Frame rate
6 frames per second
23“, 1920 x 1080 pixels, multitouch display
Optical operating power
CDRH Class 1, EU Class 1M (max. 22 mW)
Imaging wavelength
830 nm
ca. 350x
Caliber I.D. StableView™ 30x magnification, 0.9 NA water immersion
Operating temperature range
13°C to 30°C
Power source
110 - 230 V, 50 - 60 Hz
0.7 kg
FCC Classe A, CE-marked
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Status 06/2018

Seminars and Training

VivaScope GmbH offers, in collaboration with Competence Centres, a well-designed and comprehensive training programme about confocal laser scanning microscopy and how to use the VivaScope products to their users.
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