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VivaScope GmbH is a market specialist for the development and distribution of confocal laser scanning microscopes in various fields of medicine and the cosmetic industry.
Confocal laser scanning microscopy allows for a rapid differentiation between pathogenic and healthy tissue. VivaScope products are used for medical in vivo and ex vivo applications.


VivaScope in vivo and ex vivo products are successfully used for examination in the research sector. The fast, precise and easy-to-use design allows for the analysation and documentation of the examined tissue in medical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other basic research fields.
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VivaScope GmbH is very active in the field of confocal laser scanning microscopy with more than 800 installed devices worldwide.
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VivaScope provides an online collection of important research topics in medical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other research areas with more than 1000 publications in scientific and medical journals. There is access to a variety of application possibilities and usability of the VivaScope products.
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