The VivaScope products are successfully used for in vivo skin examination in the research sector. Confocal laser scanning microscopy can be used to document and analyse precisely skin changes. Learn more here!

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Medical Research

More than 1000 publications in peer-reviewed journals prove the wide field of application VivaScope devices can be used for. VivaScopes reveal cellular details of the epidermis and upper dermis without affecting the tissue. Progression of diseases and healing can be monitored over time and effects of pharmaceuticals can be tested.

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical research

The cosmetic and pharmacy industry have used VivaScope devices in numerous different research fields. The big advantage of the non-invasive technology is the possibility of monitoring the effects of substances over time without affecting the tissue. Even subtle changes in skin property can be measured precisely and documented. Several companies and research organisations from the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry have been working with VivaScope devices for many years.

Basic research

The innovative RS-G4 confocal microscope was specifically developed to scan unprecedented large areas (Mosaic Scans) at an amazing speed, while maintaining a high resolution. RS-G4 opens up new imaging possibilities! For Example: it is possible to scan a maximum area of 120 mm x 80 mm and use a maximum Z-Depth of 6 mm.