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Service and advice right from the start. The training and education program offered by VivaScope allows users to learn quickly how to operate a VivaScope. An ingenious and comprehensive training program for confocal laser scanning microscopy creates optimal conditions for the profound and competent evaluation of confocal images.

School of Endoscopy

Over the years, biopsy under ultrasound guidance has become an irreplaceable method for obtaining tissue from target lesions inside and outside the digestive tract. It is considered the method of first choice for the cytohistological characterisation of lesions of the pancreas and intrapancreatic bile duct in the various international guidelines.

In collaboration with the School of Endoscopy, we enable you to participate in online courses.
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Introductory training on-site

After the installation of a device, users are provided with a two-day training course, during which the basic knowledge for the daily routine is taught. The introductory training allows for an immediate use of the VivaScope.
Presentations, manuals, imaging guidelines and publications are provided to support the training.
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Self-study with textbook

The textbook, written by four leading experts in the field of confocal laser scanning microscopy, is particularly suitable for the self-study of image interpretation.
This practical guide contains consistent illustrations with numerous confocal images and schematic drawings of the tumour criteria. In addition, illustrations of various diseases and types of skin damage are shown in dermatoscopic and confocal images. Conventional histology of the presented cases offers a direct comparison between the different imaging modalities.
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Training by experts

In a clinical setting, VivaScope users will obtain further knowledge about our VivaScope products and confocal microscopy from renowned experts.
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Ex vivo

At the University of Barcelona (Hospital Clínic), ex vivo users expand their knowledge during an intensive two-day course. The main topics of this course are advanced staining protocols, special tissue handling and imaging tips as well as expert image interpretation. The training course is held by Dr Javiera Pérez, Dr. Susana Puig and Dr. Josep Malvehy.

In vivo

At the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, VivaScope users take part in expert training sessions on pigmented and non-pigmented lesions, inflammatory diseases and cosmetic applications. The training will be led by Prof. Giovanni Pellacani (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) in collaboration with Dr. Marco Ardigo (University of Rome) and Prof. Caterina Longo (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia).

VivaScope Academy - Online

As part of an intensive training program, VivaScope users can evaluate numerous sample cases and compare it to a reference. This expert training was designed by Prof. Giovanni Pellacani. The online training is based on the expert training at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
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VivaScope users can get a second opinion for difficult cases online from confocal experts with many years of experience. This training module allows readers to further expand their own expertise and also develop a high degree of precision in the diagnosis of problematic lesions.
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