VivaNet is a DICOM-compatible service for the transfer of clinical, dermoscopic and confocal images. The encrypted images are transferred to the VivaNet server via a secure connection. A specially trained doctor can retrieve the images promptly, annotate them and give a second opinion.

Technical Data
Technical Data
Data Safety and Security
Secured server, hosted by a professional IT supplier
All data is encrypted
State of the art server network
Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation
Data safety ensured by continuous backup
High speed access from anywhere
Local IT Requirements
Modern data center ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified
Minimum internet connection: VDSL 25 (upload speed >5 Mbit/s)
Server located in Germany
Local firewall allowing outgoing HTTPS traffic via port 443

Seminars and Training

VivaScope GmbH offers, in collaboration with Competence Centres, a well-designed and comprehensive training programme about confocal laser scanning microscopy and how to use the VivaScope products to their users.
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Managing Director: Christian Stoian

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