Optical Biopsy

Our in vivo product line allows for a real-time, non-invasive “optical biopsy” from the epidermis to the upper dermis. Examining with the VivaScope means both, sparing patients from painful and potentially unnecessary removal of tissue and long waiting time for the result of an examination – without the use of contrast agents.

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VivaScope 1500/3000

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

The in vivo product range offers physicians and clinicians, as well as researchers in the fields of medicine and cosmetics, the possibility to examine cellular properties of the skin non-invasively in real time.

This provides in vivo a view into the epidermis all the way down to the upper dermis. The confocal laser scanning microscope creates black and white images of the skin in very high resolution. Cellular structures can be depicted cell by cell in horizontal “optical cross-sections” (less than 5.0 µm section thickness) without injuring the skin.

The in vivo product range is well-suited for a wide variety of medical and cosmetic applications.

The VivaScope 1500 and the VivaScope 3000 can be purchased individually or in combination. Each confocal microscope is additionally equipped with a digital dermatoscope.

Window into the skin
The examination opens a "window into the skin" without piercing and injuring it. With confocal laser scanning microscopy, cellular components of the individual tissue layers can be displayed in high resolution. Thus, a very reliable diagnosis of the examined skin region can be achieved during the examination.
Fast and reliable
Confocal laser scanning microscopy creates the possibility for dermatologists to determine quickly whether and, if so, what type of skin cancer is present in a patient. The removal of tissue for diagnosis, often accompanied by pain, is therefore needed much less often and the patient is typically not required to wait longer for their results.
Innovative and painless
With the VivaScope technology, a modern and pain-free examination method to check for various diseases and types of skin damage can be used. The examination is completely non-invasive and does not damage the skin.
Simplified workflow
Clinical, dermatoscopic and confocal imaging are fully integrated into VivaScope systems. One software interface to control all three imaging modalities and one database to access all patient data and images simplify routine examinations substantially.


To generate confocal images, a laser beam in the infrared spectrum (830 nm) is directed through an interconnected lens system including a beam splitter and onto the area of skin to be examined. The laser beam reflected by the skin returns through the beam splitter and hits the detector. The light source, the illuminated spot on the skin, and the aperture opening of the detector are on optically conjugated focal planes - they are confocally interconnected.

The mapping of cells from a defined layer with a thickness of less than 5.0 µm can be done without external contrast agents since the naturally occurring variation of the refractive indices of tissue microstructures provides the images with contrast.

Seminars and Training

VivaScope GmbH offers, in collaboration with Competence Centres, a well-designed and comprehensive training programme about confocal laser scanning microscopy and how to use the VivaScope products to their users.
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