Special Features

VivaScope® 1500: In vivo imaging of cellular microstructures


The VivaScope® 1500 offers researchers and users in the fields of medicine and cosmetics the possibility of optical examinations of skin in real time. This provides an in vivo, non-invasive view into the epidermis and the dermis all the way down to the upper stratum reticulare. A near-infrared laser (830 nm) is directed onto the individual skin sections where it is reflected. Melanin and keratin act as natural contrast agents due to their relatively high refractive index. The device generates black and white images of skin in an optimal quality. Cellular microstructures of skin can be depicted cell by cell in horizontal optical cross-sections (approx. 5.0 µm section thickness).


The VivaScope® 1500 is well-suited for a wide variety of medical and cosmetic applications. This device has proven to be especially valuable for producing images which physicians may use for detecting melanomas and therefore has become an integral part of the standard equipment of many clinics and dermatologists' offices. It is easy to use and saves time.


The device is already being used successfully not only in dermatological practices and clinics but also in the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as well as medical research. The VivaScope® 1500 is a highly flexible and practical model. A special setup or environment is not required for its use. The VivaScope® 1500 can be combined optimally with the VivaCam® and the handheld VivaScope® 3000.