Ex Vivo Devices

Although confocal laser scanning microscopy makes it possible in many cases to avoid a biopsy, ex vivo tissue samples are still very important. Previous methods included time-consuming preparation procedures and many materials to prep and preserve the specimens for analysis. The time between extracting the sample and providing a diagnosis was therefore relatively long. Ex vivo examinations with the help of confocal laser scanning microscopy do not require traditional preparations. The prompt assessment of the excised tissue in horizontally precisely defined optical cross-sections is therefore possible.


The VivaScope® 2500 Multilaser is used for the depiction and reliable analysis of tissue within a short time after excision. Tissue does not undergo any complex preparation and preservation procedures. The complete scan of an excised tissue sample, depending on tissue type and specimen size, may take approx. 7 minutes. Such an analysis performed during surgery to control the margins between pathogenic and healthy tissue may potentially help avoid a second operation, for example, in cases of breast cancer or within the scope of Mohs surgery. The VivaScope 2500 Multilaser may also be suitable for differentiated problems due to the use of several wavelengths and fluorescent dyes. 


MAVIG GmbH holds the distribution rights for VivaScope and VivaNet in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. The company's product portfolio not only includes devices and software for confocal laser scanning microscopy but also workshops, training, and repair services.