MAVIG offers various confocal laser scanning microscopes for in vivo and ex vivo use as well as the associated imaging software.


In vivo use


In vivo (living tissue) use is covered by the VivaScope® 1500 and the new VivaScope® 1500 Multilaser as well as the VivaScope® 3000. These devices provide a non-invasive view into the epidermis down to the superficial reticular dermis. Black and white images of the individual skin layers are generated. VivaScope® devices are easy to use and save time. The handheld VivaScope® 3000 is especially practical due its low weight and compact design. It simplifies examining difficult to access skin regions. The handheld device is a practical supplement for the VivaScope® 1500.


The VivaCam® is a digital dermatoscopic camera and an accessory for the VS1500 in vivo confocal laser scanning microscopes. It supplements the confocal images with a macroscopic image of the skin surface. The congruence of the images is especially helpful for skin cancer screening since this makes skin changes much easier to detect.


Ex vivo use


The VivaScope® 2500 Multilaser was developed for ex vivo use (excised tissue). The VivaScope® 2500 Multilaser makes it possible for the first time to subject large specimens of freshly sampled tissues to pathological analyses at cellular resolution and in real time. Skin and other tissue samples are depicted in precisely defined optical cross-section without the traditional preparation procedures usually required. The tissue remains unchanged and is available for additional histological examinations. 


Imaging software


Together with VivaScan®, MAVIG also offers the corresponding device software. This software is easy to use and features intuitive navigation through the confocal image. VivaScan® is application software based on Windows XP. All features are arranged in user-friendly and easy to navigate menus. ConfoScan is software developed specifically by external partners. This software is used for cosmetic quantification of the confocal images.