VivaScopes® are used in a variety of medical fields and for numerous indications.  Diagnostic imaging with confocal laser scanning microscopy is already proven to be an invaluable tool for medical research, in dermatology, oncology, and at burn centers. The VivaScope® devices enable real-time and non-invasive in vivo or ex vivo skin examinations. 


Countless university clinics around the world and dermatologists in private practice already successfully work with VivaScope® devices with approx. 480 devices installed of which 180 are found in Europe alone. These competence centers successfully utilize confocal laser scanning microscopy and at the same time continue to discover new application possibilities and innovative indications. 


MAVIG offers VivaScope® users comprehensive training and workshop opportunities with these devices and furthermore provides numerous types of training materials for independent study. Guided online training to obtain practical skills and knowledge is available as well.