Company History

MAVIG GmbH, founded in 1921, is a family owned and operated enterprise headquartered in Munich. The company emerged from Walter Hänel GmbH. The production and trading firm Hänel GmbH was specialized in the manufacture and international sales of radiation and welding protection products, using the trademark "MAVIG" since its conception.



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MAVIG considers itself a quality and innovation leader in the field of X-ray protection. For example, as early as 1995, MAVIG X-ray aprons were the first such products to be certified globally based on the EU Medical Products Directive and the EU Directive concerning personal protective gear and identified accordingly with the corresponding CE mark.


In 2006, MAVIG obtained all rights to use, sell, and distribute within Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and North Africa the confocal laser scanning technology for VivaScope® and VivaNet® produced by Caliber I.D.